NordicTrack Elite 10.9 Elliptical Review

Nordictrack Elite 10.9i Elliptical Review 2020

NordicTrack Elite 10.9 Elliptical Review

Nordic trac elite 10.9 Elliptical reviews are considered one of the outstanding commercial elliptical nordic track that provides intensive training opportunities for fitness lovers. The simulator offers a complex and intense training with 32 built-in training programs.

nordictrack elite 10.9i elliptical

This nordic track elliptical crawler track features a 20 lb flywheel for a smooth and natural boost, as well as an adjustable ramp. This allows users to change the angle of inclination from 0 to 20 degrees in accordance with their convenience.

After reading the NordicTrack Elite 10.9 i elliptical review 2020 in detail, you will learn that this machine is equipped with a speed -adjustable pedometer that helps users adjust and adjust the stride length according to their requirements.

It has a 7-inch LCD screen that provides the ability to watch videos and listen to music with built-in speakers. The Nordictrack ellipse trainer provides a well-designed tablet platform as well as a water bottle holder for maximum user experience.

The presence of the iFit application and ECG pulse pens makes it the recommended choice for users to keep fit.

Best for whom?

 The NordicTrack Elite 10.9 Elliptical is designed for all those users who prefer to engage in general workouts. Those users who need to focus on building their strength and endurance should also consider buying this elliptical.

This helps to target the buttocks, quadriceps, hamstrings, and knees, and this also does not exert any pressure on the knees. Therefore, those people who need to train and be afraid that their joints and knees may be harmful should choose this treadmill as.

It is ideal for training with minimal or no impact. In addition, some users prefer to customize their workout programs, and they can maximize their results with this elliptical trainer. Read the features at a glance on the right side of the page.

Thus, this simulator becomes the best elliptical for $ 1,000 with all the fundamental functions that make it work exceptionally well.

NordicTrack Elite 10.9 Elliptical assembly, design, and build quality

 The Nordictrack elite 13.1 elliptical Trainer is a sturdy machine that offers professional training experience to achieve the best level of physical fitness. To ensure excellent results, this machine needs adequate assembly. Thus, the user can assemble this machine on their own after reading the manual.

This is given together with an elliptical trainer, on the contrary, if the user does not prefer to assemble the trainer, he can hire a professional who has experience in this matter, but he must bear the additional costs.

Design and build quality

K Nordictrack elite 14.9 elliptical and Elite 10.9 Elliptical are considered one of the best elliptical for commercial use, as it is equipped with commercial-quality equipment. It is this feature that makes it preferred by all fitness enthusiasts who prefer to get the most out of their workouts.

This elliptical trainer features a 20 lb flywheel that provides smooth and stable performance over the long term. The robust build quality of this equipment makes it an ideal choice for intense training, as the machine does not swing during rigorous training.

nordictrack elite 14.9 elliptical alelite

This elliptical device provides an adjustable tilt in the range of 0-20 degrees, and users can also choose an adjustable pitch for optimal performance. Provides an ECG heart rate monitor for user convenience to accurately measure heart rate.

This treadmill comes with a 7-inch web console that has a tablet holder, a water bottle holder, and much more to improve its functionality. Providing the iFit application, AutoBreeze fan, makes it a practical opportunity for users to get maximum performance. You can check the car on the upper right side for a more detailed view.

Therefore, the impressive design and intuitive features make this simulator the best elliptical for 2020.

NordicTrack Elite 10.9 Elliptical Features

  1. Resistance: This elliptical trainer is equipped with circular current resistance and a power-adjustable ramp that helps to increase the intensity levels with precision. Also, the flywheel of 20 Ib offers a smooth and sound performance that allows users to engage in their workout sessions with natural momentum.

The users can also easily modify the intensity levels, and the provision of adjustable stride further adds to the convenience of the users. Thus, the users can enjoy their workout regimes on this elliptical trainer as it provides smooth performance without having any impact on the joints and knees.

NordicTrack Elite 10.9 Elliptical Features

Therefore, this elliptical proves to be a perfect machine for beginners as well as pro users owing to its adjustable incline and stride levels.

  1. Fitness Meter: This elliptical arrives with a 7″ LCD console that is equipped with advanced features showing information about speed, calories, pulse, time, distance, resistance, and much more. The web-enabled console provides a whole plethora of workout opportunities for the users.

They can watch workout videos, browse the internet, or check the fitness app with ease. The provision of the iFit app makes it super easy for users to engage in workout sessions that are designed by professional coaches.

The provision of 32 workout programs makes it viable for fitness equipment for users who need to have dedicated workout programs. These exercise regimens are designed explicitly by certified coaches with the aim of offering the best results to the users.

NordicTrack Elite 10.9 Elliptical Features

The console also has got features like EKG pulse grips, tablet holder, water bottle holder to ensure that users have maximum comfort while working out on this machine. Thus, the user-friendly console makes it quite useful for the users to maximize their exercise regimen on this elliptical trainer.

  1. Pedals: The pedals of NordicTrack Elite 10.9 are designed to provide the natural pedaling motion without exerting the feet. The users can enhance their performance by using this elliptical as its pedals make the regular and rigorous workout sessions quite comfortable and without any jarring impact on the knees and joints.
  2. In built Transport Wheels: 10.9 elliptical has got the inbuilt transport wheels that allow users to use the trainer and then keep it anywhere to save the space. So, it can be ideal for space-constrained areas.
  3. Handles: Its handles are aesthetically designed to provide a firm grip. It makes it practical for users to continue their intense workout sessions without bothering about the grip.

NordicTrack Elite 10.9 Elliptical Warranty

Having required warranty coverage on the product enhances the confidence of the users and also promote the NordicTrack brand value. So, NordicTrack comes a lifetime warranty on the frame along with three-years on electronics and parts and a one-year warranty on labor.

Thus, the valid warranty on the elliptical makes it a reliable machine that the users prefer to buy for leading a healthy life. This feature of warranty makes it rank among the best front-drive ellipticals NordicTrack that offer longevity with performance.

Title Here

thumbs up regular


  • Strong build quality
  • Power incline from 0-20 degrees
  • Power incline from 0-20 degrees
  • Power-adjustable stride
  • Power-adjustable stride
  • Connectivity to an MP3 player
  • Compatibility with the iFit app
  • Provision of the tablet holder and water bottle holder
  • Provision of the EKG pulse grips
  • 7” web-enabled screen
  • 32 inbuilt workout programs
  • Autobreeze workout fan
  • Transport wheels making it a perfect choice for commercial places

thumbs down regular


  • The noise coming out of elliptical makes it a bit irritating.
  • Less warranty on labor.
  • A heavy machine and assembling is cumbersome
  • Pedals are not adjustable.


The NordicTrack Elite 10.9 Elliptical is precisely one of the best fitness equipment from the brand that is equipped with all advanced features at an affordable pricing structure under 1000$.

The provision of the sound flywheel with adjustable incline and adjustable stride makes it the leading fitness equipment for home-based users.

NordicTrack Elite 10.9 Elliptical

Its commercial-grade quality makes it a perfect fit for all fitness enthusiasts who need to invest in a cost-effective machine that performs well. Similarly, C9 .5 gives you ″ Smart HD touch screen like the Elite 10.9. NordicTrack C 9.5 being the latest version of Elite 10.9 has a heavier flywheel that results in smoother operation. The USP of C9 .5 is the free iFit subscription for a year.

The availability of the music system, iFit app, and transport wheels make Elite 10.9 a compact Ellipticals machine that comes packed with all the relevant features. Thus, this powerful elliptical trainer offers the high-end performance that helps the users to be in their perfect shape and reap the practical benefit of their workout sessions.

Therefore, if you plan to purchase reliable fitness equipment that is cost-effective and does not compromise on build quality, performance, durability and performance, then NordicTrack Elite 10.9 Elliptical reviews meets your requirements, but we recommend you C 9.5, since this is the latest model with a similar price range, but with improved features.

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