Jetson Adventure Electric Bike Review 2020

Most recently, I had the opportunity to try the Jetson electric mountain bike Adventure electronic bike for several days. Surprisingly, after a series of trips, I was impressed with the bike I really thought about not returning the bike then, but I know that I would have big problems if I did. Jetson ebike Adventure electric adventure biking seemed easy due to its powerful construction. Somehow, this experience made me think less about a regular bike that needs muscles to really pedal.


First of all, the Jetson electric bike reviews brand is a new bicycle company that strives to offer quality electronic bikes with the goal of providing the most extensive line of personal mobile devices for all ages that are environmentally friendly, convenient and affordable.” This and more detailed information on their website. The company will offer a wide selection of bicycles and other portable vehicles such as scooters, hoverboards, skateboards, bicycles, e-bikes, bicycles, and many others. I mentioned will because the store has not yet been launched.

jetson e bike review ADVENTURE BIKE REVIEW
Jetson Adventure electric bike, lightweight electronic bike with 21 Shimano speeds, 9 pedal levels, bright LED headlight, backlit LCD display, green / black

One thing that I saw while I was riding the Jetson bike reviews Adventure electric bicycle is that, well, such as riding a bicycle! The main distinction from a standard bike is that the Jetson bikes accompany a 250W engine controlled by a 36V Lithium-Ion battery. This limit is all that anyone could need to control the 27.5-inch wheels. In any case, you don’t need to depend entirely on the battery for development, in essence. Force might be applied when you are at accelerating energy and it naturally stops the second you quit pushing the pedal. The engine gives help with pushing on the pedal which gives you an open to biking experience absent a lot of exertion. This component permits you to accomplish great solace as the bicycle begins to convey power. Adding to the solace, the bicycle is additionally very simple to utilize.

I took the test of riding with the bicycle tough and I was dazzled with the outcomes. Ordinarily, I would be completely depleted the second I arrive at the pinnacle of the slope in the event that I was utilizing a customary bike, nonetheless, with the Jetson Adventure, I didn’t hear any grumblings from my quads. I even zoomed easily along the streets and didn’t start to perspire while pacing traffic. Without knowing, I finished an 8.2-mile ride around the town!

Jetson adventure LCD
jetson electric bikes review

Other features

Aside from the obvious pros of the Jetson Adventure E-bike, there are also other features that are worth mentioning. It comes with an LED headlight and tail-lamp built within its frame which ensures safety. It is also designed with a traditional bell that leaves a feeling of “old” and at the same time modern feel of the bicycle. The Jetson Adventure is also designed with light and durable materials that can carry a total of 300 pounds – an impressive capacity for a motor-powered bike. The frame has a built-in LCD which displays the speed of the bike along with the distance covered, as well as the remaining battery life. The LCD also comes with settings that you can set up for better control and monitoring as you ride. It comes with an assist mode that allows you to ride at a particular speed.

Furthermore, the e-bike comes with a front shock suspension which ensures a smooth and comfortable sail when riding. It doesn’t come with a shock feature at its rear however the seat is designed with a shock-absorbing feature to protect you from being jarred. Both the front as well as the rear wheels come with a disc brake for easy and effortless braking.jetson adventure front view

In spite of the numerous advantages of this bike, in any case, there are additionally various things that are essentially difficult to not take note of. One thing that I condemn about this bicycle is that its top helped speed, which is just 20 mph and you can’t generally have progressively out of the bicycle. In any case, I need to state that this bike shoots up to 20mph shockingly rapidly and I can cruise around town at that speed with little effort. The beneficial thing anyway is that there’s consistently a pedal which you can utilize on the off chance that you need more speed – if not, head downhill for more speed without utilizing the pedals.

Something else that bugs me about this bicycle is its somewhat heavier weight. It has an absolute load of 42 lbs which is a lot heavier than any cutting edge bikes. With the engine off, the bicycle feels substantial and difficult to adjust for beginners or for the individuals who can’t stay aware of an overwhelming bicycle. Anyway, when the engine turns over, the bike quickly gets lighter and turns out to be progressively reasonable. Sadly, you’ll need to manage a substantial bicycle when the battery runs out. Obviously, this e-bike was designed for city travel and ride where there is a part of alternatives for battery revive and electrical plugs – before thoroughly coming up short on battery, you can simply pedal your way to an energized outlet.

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  • long-lasting battery
  • max range of 30 miles
  • impressive weight capacity
  • pedal Assist
  • front and Read LED lights
  • LCD display that displays battery life, distance and speed
  • durable aluminum alloy frame


  • low top speed
  • bulky compared to normal bicycles
  • available only in 1 frame size
  • not recommended for uphill climbs

Charge Forward

Prepare to go past your cutoff points with Jetson Adventure. This 21-speed trail blazing bicycle includes an amazing 250-watt center point engine and a 9-speed pedal that gives you an additional lift when you need it. Front and back circle brakes improve slowing downforce, while the front LED headlights and back LED lights to increment perceivability and wellbeing. Furthermore, you can follow battery life, separation voyaged, and current speed utilizing the intelligent LCD. Glad path.

Charge Forward Jetson Adventure

Max Speed Up to 20 mph
Max Range Up to 30 miles
Climbing Angle 15 degrees
Product Weight 44 lbs
Weight Limit 300 lbs
Motor 250 watt hub motor
Battery 36V, 7.8Ah rechargeable lithium-ion
Removable Battery No
Gears 21 speed
Display LCD display
Brake Front & rear disc brake
Throttle Type Pedal assist
Pedal Assist 9 Levels
Wheels 27.5"
Suspension Front suspension fork
Lights Front and back LED lights
Charging TimeUp to 6 hours
Frame Aluminum Alloy
Seat / Saddle Comfort saddle
Bell Yes
Kickstand Yes
USB Hub / Charger Yes
Bluetooth No
Water Resistant Yes
Product Dimensions (L x W x H)72" x 24.75" x 44.5"
Recommended Age 13 and up
Assembly Required Yes
Warranty 1 year limited

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