Callaway Rogue Fairway Wood Review 2020


The new Callaway Rogue 3 wood review Fairway Wood is the first non-driver from Callaway to include Jailbreak Technology.  This, notwithstanding Callaway’s Face Cup, plans to make the Rogue the longest, most sympathetic fairway wood from Callaway yet. 

Initial introductions 

As far as looks, the Callaway Rogue hybrid review Fairway Wood fits the standard moderate sized fairway wood profile.  It’s not excessively enormous, yet it’s not little enough to strike dread into you either.  It’s a medium estimated, round, customarily molded head.  The main downside for some is that, not normal for the Epic Fairways, the Rogue arrangement has a fixed hosel, and aren’t adjustable.  But hello, it may be smarter to give us novices less to mess around with so we can concentrate on our swings, correct? 


Like the Rogue drivers, the Rogue fairway includes a similar dark base shading, with a blur into carbon at the rear of the crown.  The Callaway chevron is utilized for the arrangement help, as has been the standard for Callaway woods of late.  The profound turquoise blue and dark shading plan looks phenomenal. It’s not excessively uproarious, yet enough shading to look give somewhat pop. 


At the point when I previously got the Callaway Rogue 5 wood, it felt a touch light, yet well balanced.  In respects to the essence of the club, it just feels hot.  Like, genuine hot. 


The ball detonates off of the face, and you truly realize that you’ve flushed one.  Between the Jailbreak and the Face Cup, that vibe grows over the face.  The input is a long way from cruel on mishits while as yet keeping up a genuinely hot feel. 


Like my conclusion on drivers, I despise a boisterous sounding fairway metal.  Being the non-Sub Zero rendition, I expected the Callaway Rogue vs rogue x hybrid fairway wood to have a stronger sound at impact.  Surprisingly (positively for me), it did not.  The sound is a considerably more strong, medium crack that coordinates with the vibe of the club.  When I hit one on the screws, I need it to both sound and feel strong, and the Rogue Fairway Wood delivers.  Similar to the driver, mishits will yield somewhat more shrill, tingy sound, however it’s not all that much or unsavory.

On-Course Performance

Club Speed Ball Speed Launch Angle Spin Carry (Yds) Total (Yds)
105.7 156.4 13.8º 2906 263.7 285.5

I was too intrigued with the Callaway hybrids review Epic Fairways, so I was stirred to get my hands on the Rouge.  The Rogue didn’t disappoint.  Look, the separation picks up I got from the Epic were significant, however I picked up about another four to six yards from where I anticipate a typical three wood (I have the five wood in the Epic) to be.  Well-struck shots have a medium ball flight, with mid-extend turn, and the ball just appeared to convey forever.  The best part?

On-Course Performance

  The shot despite everything landed pleasant and soft.  If I’m in reality adequate to hit a standard 5 of every two with this thing, I’m sure it will hold the greens. 

The greatest distinct advantage here is in the forgiveness. I would be persuaded it’s from the Jailbreak tech, however shots off of the toe despite everything go. It’s incredibly simple to get the show on the road noticeable all around off of the turf (let alone the tee), and mishits won’t murder you.  Sure, you’ll lose 3-4 mph of ball speed, however it won’t be a mishit three wood that goes 150 yards.  Even shots I hit dainty were all the while conveying a decent 215 yards.  It was unfathomable to be very legitimate with you, and it’s one of the most straightforward fairway woods to hit.  Between the Rogue three wood and my Epic five wood, I have a feeling that I can’t miss.


Here’s the primary concern on the Callaway Rogue review Fairway Woods: they’re anything but difficult to get noticeable all around, they’re excusing as heck, and the ball goes FAR.  What else do you need in a fairway wood?  Get one of these terrible young men adjusted in a fitting, and you can possibly do some genuine damage.  I realize it’s as of now made sure about a spot in my pack, no inquiry.


Stock Callaway Rogue Fairway Wood Specs

Club Loft Stock
Length RH/LH Swing Weight
 3+w  13.5º X, S, R, A 43.0″ RH/LH D2
3w 15º X, S, R, A 43.0″ RH/LH D2
4W 17º X, S, R, A 42.75″ RH/LH D2
5w 19º X, S, R, A 42.50″ RH/LH D2
Heavenwood 20º X, S, R, A 42.75″ RH/LH D2
7w 21º X, S, R, A 42.0″ RH/LH D2
9w 23º X, S, R, A 41.50″ RH D2
11w 25º X, S, R, A 41.00″ RH D2

Callaway Rogue Fairway Woods Review

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  • Available in a Wide Variety of Lofts
  • Comes in Both Standard or Rogue Sub Zero Fairway Versions
  • Exceptionally Long and Forgiving


  • Nonadjustable hosel
  • Fixed CG weight
  • Some Might Find them Pricey

The Callaway Rogue Fairway wood comes in a ton of variety as well.

OK, so a “ton” is a bit of stretch, but the options Callaway put out there for the Rogue fairway wood is impressive.

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