Bowflex HVT Review. Does Bowflex Work?


Bowflex’s HVT Machine was planned in view of a somewhat eager objective to make a home rec center that can viably consolidate both quality preparation and cardio exercises in a solitary machine.

bowflex hvt reviews

To do Bowflex machines work this, Bowflex essentially structured a utilitarian mentor that can match pleasantly with gushing exercises.

Features of the hvt Bowflex review incorporate 3 autonomous arrangements of pulleys, 16 degrees of attractive obstruction, and a free application that gives you access to 50 distinctive mentors drove exercises.

The outcome is an amazing wellness machine that is got the stuff to give some entirely genuine exercises, yet with regards to quality preparing, the HVT probably won’t be the most ideal decision.

To assist you with choosing whether or not the Bowflex HVT is a brilliant venture for your home exercise center, this survey will investigate everything this rec center has (and doesn’t have) making it work. Subsequent to perusing, you’ll know all that you have to so as to make the correct call. How about we start toward the start.


Supposedly, Bowflex workout machine was the main organization to attempt this. What’s more, by this, I mean creating a functional trainer designed to match with spilling exercise recordings.

NordicTrack came out with one as well, the Fusion CST, which is fundamentally the same as.

bow flex machine

In principle, it seems like a good thought. Spilling exercise applications are on the whole the rage now, with Peloton and iFit turning out to be progressively mainstream consistently.

I wonder if business rec centers have seen a decrease in new enrollments? With it getting simpler and simpler to exercise at home, I would figure they would begin seeing a distinction.

Perhaps that is a smart thought for an article later on?

Anyway, Bowflex is one of the most conspicuous names in-home wellness. On the off chance that anyone can make this thought work, it appears as though they could.


Bowflex is renowned for its multi-useful home exercise centers that utilization their licensed force bar obstruction. Be that as it may, they likewise offer a lot of different items, similar to treadmills, bicycles, and the HVT. Nearly, their HVT machine is one of their increasingly moderate home rec centers (it’s normally at a bargain).

Coincidentally, HVT means “half breed speed preparing”. This extremely just methods stretch preparing with an accentuation on full-body moves with brief rest periods in the middle.

This circuit style of working out has been around for quite a while and it works incredible, particularly for consuming fat and getting in shape.

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  • Pretty compact footprint
  • 3 sets of pulleys
  • 3 built-in workouts
  • Compatible with free HVT app with trainer-led workouts
  • Heart rate monitor compatible
  • USB charging port
  • 16 levels of magnetic resistance
  • Air resistance
  • User friendly console
  • Great price (on sale)


  • Not enough resistance for heavy strength training
  • Short warranty


Initial introduction the Bowflex HVT is a smooth looking rec center with an appealing shading plan. I realize looks have nothing to do with work, however it’s consistently pleasant when wellness hardware looks amusing to utilize.

This rec center accompanies a really smaller casing, taking up an impression of generally: 45.2″ x 65.3″ x 83″ (L x W x H). As should be obvious, this is an entirely tall and tight unit, yet remember you need to consider the space important to play out all the activities as well.

Completely amassed, this exercise center weighs around 180 lb, which is really on the lighter side (contrasted with the Fusion CST that weighs around 400 lb). You’ll value this when it comes time to move this thing, yet during utilize, less casing weight implies less steadiness. All things considered, I haven’t run over numerous client protests with respect to precariousness.

The HVT has a maximum client weight limit of 300 lb. A heavier casing may permit a higher breaking point, however, this is sufficiently high to securely oblige most people. The stage decking you remain on maybe the explanation bow flex work out machine kept the weight limit where it is.

The HVT is structured with 3 arrangements of pulleys at various statures (upper, center, lower). This is pleasant in light of the fact that it enables you to play out an immense library of moves, using the obstruction at various levels.


This is the greatest favorable position of a conventional practical mentor. Most customary useful coaches comprise of a double pile of loads and a lot of flexible pulleys. The pulleys on the HVT aren’t flexible, yet the 3 areas included are the 3 most ordinarily utilized positions. I incline toward movable pulleys since you can discover tune the situation to fit anybody impeccably.

The edge additionally has handlebars appended that permit you to get on for dependability during specific moves. You could likewise join obstruction groups to them for considerably more exercise assortment. In general, the Bowflex HVT accompanies a strong edge and smooth acting pulleys. Customizable pulley positions would be extraordinary, yet the 3 autonomous sets offer a lot of flexibility.


The Bowflex HVT accompanies the accompanying highlights:


This rec center does bow flex work machine work accompany a huge amount of pre-customized exercises, however, it accompanies enough to kick you off on the off chance that you would prefer not to utilize the free application.


The included exercises are run, circuit, and developer. The initial 2 are progressively customary span preparing exercises, underlining arrangement of work, and rest to keep the pulse up, while the last (as the name infers) is outfitted more around quality preparing.

The run exercise is the most brief, taking just around 18 min to finish. The other 2 take around 21 min to finish.


On the off chance that you don’t want to follow an exercise schedule, you get pick manual mode where you get the chance to do whatever you might want to do. Browse more than 50 activities accessible and make your own exercise.

The clock will monitor your all-out exercise time, however, there are no different signals given. Just set the obstruction in any place you need it and begin working.


This rec center is intended to be utilized with the free gushing application. Through the application, you gain admittance to 50 diverse coach drove exercises. The application synchronizes with the exercise center, so the HVT is giving you signs for rest and work times dependent on the exercise you pick.

Through the application, you can likewise follow all your exercise information, just as make up your own exercises and spare them.

The free HVT application can speak with MyFitnessPal, making it simple to monitor every one of your information. You can likewise download the Bowflex Toolbox application, which will disclose to you when it’s an ideal opportunity to do a product update for your rec center.


The HVT is perfect with chest tie pulse screens that work in the 4.5 kHz – 5.5 kHz run, albeit one is excluded. The screen you utilize must be uncoded and Polar perfect.

In this value extend, it’s not very frustrating that one is excluded (yet it would be a decent astonishment).


There’s a USB charging port incorporated with the tablet holder, making it extremely helpful to connect your savvy gadget and charge it while you track, guaranteeing you don’t totally deplete your battery during your exercises.


The opposition you neutralize on the HVT is made with the blend of an attractive framework and a fan, giving you the advantages of both.

Air opposition is extraordinary in light of the fact that the harder and quicker you pull, the more obstruction you feel. Attractive opposition is pleasant in light of the fact that it’s calm and steady (not reliant on speed).

The HVT accompanies 16 degrees of attractive obstruction which you can without much of a stretch modify by turning the dial on the center of the comfort.

Despite the fact that this rec center consolidates attractive and air obstruction frameworks, all clients appear to concur the opposition gave isn’t about enough to overwhelming quality preparing.

Which is alright, in light of the fact that this rec center isn’t planned with this sort of high burden, low rep practice as a top priority. This exercise center is planned more for stretch preparing, with the objective of consuming calories and conditioning in as meager time as could be expected under the circumstances.

In case you’re hoping to build up, this isn’t the correct home exercise center for ya.

Instructing CONSOLE

The support has a novel signaling perspective to it-there are lines of lights that demonstrate what practice and what round of your circuit you’re on when playing out the implicit or application exercises.

The clock likewise checks the time left for each activity, making it simple to monitor where you are in your exercises.


This rec center accompanies 6 standard handles, one for every pulley connection. The handles are quite standard, equivalent to the ones you’d find at any nearby rec center.

It would be pleasant if Bowflex tossed in some lower leg ties, yet none are incorporated. You could generally purchase your own independently. You could likewise utilize different connections, similar to a tricep rope or straight bar in the event that you like.

Get together

Despite the fact that the primary body of the edge comes pre-amassed, there’s still a lot of gathering that requirements doing to get the HVT fully operational. You’ll be liable for connecting the base, appending all the pulley arms, and some link steering.

All things considered, the Bowflex guidance manual works admirably of keeping the procedure quite clear. The included pictures are enormous and simple to see and there are composed headings for each progression.

Get together

There are a great deal of steps to experience, yet assembling this exercise center shouldn’t be really awful. As indicated by Bowflex, on the off chance that you can gather IKEA furniture, you shouldn’t have any issues with this.

If all else fails, you can generally pay for proficient get together, however I envision most genuinely helpful individuals will have the option to take care of business themselves.


The Bowflex HVT accompanies the accompanying guarantee:

  • multi year outline
  • multi year parts (counting hardware)
  • multi day work

The casing guarantee is entirely short here. I’d prefer to see a lifetime outline ensure. The parts guarantee is quite standard, particularly at a rec center in this cost run.

90 days on work is likewise short, however this is a pretty spending benevolent exercise center, moderately.

In general, this is certainly not an incredible guarantee, however at the cost it’s not very surprising.


Bowflex had a quite yearning objective when they thought of the HVT machine-consolidating quality preparing and cardio in a solitary home exercise center that is wellness application benevolent. Taking everything into account, I think this rec center works truly well for what it’s intended for.

This rec center is more than fit for giving a strong HIIT style exercise. It’s successfully intended for full body exercises and I figure a ton of people will appreciate following the coach drove exercises through the application.


For the individuals who haven’t utilized wellness applications previously, they do help with inspiration. The edge is strong and I like that it accompanies 3 arrangements of pulleys to look over this gives you a great deal of activity assortment. The reassure is basic and very easy to use also.

The guarantee could be longer, however that is pardonable considering the low deal cost. The most significant thing to remember is that this exercise center does bowflex work give enough protection from high-weight, low rep lifting. In case you’re searching for a rec center that can offer that, this isn’t it.

In any case, Bowflex didn’t plan the HVT for this kind of activity. It’s been intended for full body stretch preparing, with the objective of consuming calories and fat. What’s more, to that degree, I think Bowflex was fruitful.

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